The Brix Soda Co Story

Brix Soda Company was started by a group of friends in the Grand Rapids restaurant industry. It was born out of their desire for a “craft” fountain soda to serve guests. They were looking for something more flavorful and different than what regular national pop companies offered, a soda with pure cane sugar not high fructose corn syrup. They partnered with a Michigan “soda jerk” and created small batches until they perfected the Brix Soda flavors. After the initial launch of the fountain syrups, requests came for Brix in bottles as well. Today Brix Soda is available in thirteen fountain syrup flavors and eight bottled flavors.

Why Choose Brix Soda

Brix Soda is different. Brix is made with pure cane sugar and quality ingredients by a small group of passionate people in Michigan. We are a local business with local support for your establishment, not a large national corporation. Each Brix Soda is crafted in small batches to maintain a true flavor. This allows you to offer your guests simply exceptional soda. Brix is great as a cold beverage or used as a unique mixer. In addition to our thirteen fountain flavors, we have eight bottled flavors as well.

Where to Get Brix Soda

Brix Soda is available for restaurants and retail establishments through our distributing partner, BBC Distributing. Fountain syrups, fountain machines, dispensing systems, and support materials, such as posters and window clings are available. For more information or to place an order, please complete our contact form.

For those looking to purchase Brix in bottles for personal use, thank you! You continue to support us and help us grow, and give patronage to the local businesses we partner with. We can be found at many great local restaurants, bakeries, bars, ice cream parlors, gift shops and retail locations. Please go to the “Where to Find Brix” page and you will find where we are available in bottles to purchase. You can also stay up to date with us on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!