Brix Soda Bottles along the Grand River in Grand Rapids, MI

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  1. Ken's Home Repair & Maintenance
    Ken's Home Repair & Maintenance says:

    I recently tried Brix Soda Co, and I have to say, I was blown away by the taste and quality of their sodas! Each flavor is crafted with care and made from natural ingredients that you can really taste. I loved the unique flavors, like Blackberry Sage and Cherry Cola, and appreciated that they use real fruit juices and organic cane sugar.

    What’s more, I was impressed by their eco-friendly approach. Their glass bottles are recyclable and keep the soda fresh and carbonated. And the vintage label designs make for a cool addition to my soda collection.

    Overall, I highly recommend giving Brix Soda Co a try if you’re looking for a delicious and locally sourced beverage that’s also environmentally conscious. You won’t be disappointed!


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